Sequence orders up $19M led by a16z for a new approach to

When it comes to fintech, consumers have commanded the most attention in the last decade, with banking, credit, investing and other legacy services getting the disruption treatment. But at the same time, there’s been a growing trend for building more

Intel to Drop Celeron and Pentium Branding From Laptop Parts

While we’re still over a quarter out from the end of 2022, Intel already has its eyes aimed at 2023 and its eventual refresh of its mobile processors. To that end, today the company has announced that they are making

As Windows 11 22H2 draws near, Windows 10 hangs on

If you’re an IT professional, you are likely still focused on Windows 10. Your network is mostly running it, Windows 11 is still in testing and you aren’t really sure when you’ll deploy the year-old OS. If this sounds like

Mom Mortified After 4-Year-Old Takes ‘Very Big Poo’ In

How to Use Nohup to Run Linux Scripts Unattended

If you are building a robot, sensor platform, weather station then you don’t want the code to stop running when you disconnect from the terminal, and nohup is just the thing for you.In this how-to, we will learn how to

Intel Core i9-13900 Raptor Lake CPU Smokes Alder Lake By Up

Intel CPU Side Hero

Regular HotHardware readers and general hardware enthusiasts probably already know this, but SiSoftware is the creator and maintainer of the SANDRA utility for Windows PCs. Originally created as a tool to simply capture and display system information (as Windows’ own