Key-Range Partitions

Often it can be difficult to know what the suitable split points are
upfront.In these instances, we can implement auto-splitting.

Here, the coordinator will create only one partition with a
key range which includes all the key space.

Each partition …

Request Waiting List


The cluster node maintains a waiting list which maps a key and
a callback function. The key is chosen depending on the specific
criteria to invoke the callback.
For example if it needs to be invoked whenever
a message

Republicans launch counter-programming to Jan. 6 Committee

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Rekindling the thrill of programming

Thonny is an Ideal IDE for Teaching Python Programming in

Running a Python program in Linux is as simple as executing the Python file in the terminal.

But that’s not very convenient for everyone and it doesn’t help you debug your programs. Too raw.

There are several IDEs and text

Top 7 ‘Hot’ Programming Languages of 2022

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