UK software sales – June 12, 2022

Original (6/12): This week’s UK software sales are in, and it’s brought along an initial report on the performance of Mario Strikers: Battle League.

The sports game managed to hit #1 on the physical chart. However, launch week sales are

Foreign Service exam update increases reliance on IBM

Every Foreign Service candidate currently sitting for the entrance exam will now be evaluated by an IBM software program that helps determine who moves forward in the hiring process due to an update in where the exam scores are factored

Exploit In PS5, PS4, PS3 System Software Found

A security engineer reveals a bug with how Blu-Ray discs work on PlayStation that may enable homebrew to run on several hardware generations.

Two whole generations of PlayStation consoles plus a possible third are about to be opened up to

Withings Sleep review: same hardware, better software

I first tested the $99.95 Withings Sleep back in 2018 when it was known as the Nokia Sleep. It was a neat concept at a time when most consumer sleep trackers were either absurdly expensive or wrist-worn. It wasn’t perfect,

Google software engineer claims tech giant’s AI tool has

A Google engineer has claimed that an artificial intelligence programme he was working on for the tech giant has become sentient and is a “sweet kid”.

Blake Lemoine, who is currently suspended by Google bosses, says he reached his conclusion

JANA wins two board seats at software firm New Relic. This

Delmaine Donson | E+ | Getty Images

Company: New Relic (NEWR)